What Do Yellow Perch Eat?

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What do yellow perch eat to survive in the water? Yellow perch hunts their prey by ambushing them when they come to the bottom of waterways. They are carnivorous and they feed mostly on live insects, small fish, crustaceans including other small creatures living inside the water. For an experienced angler, to catch a yellow perch will means having the right bait and the proper understanding of how yellow perch fish lives.

Here are food sources for yellow perch fish


Yellow perch fish feeds on insects that swims in water. They also rely on zooplankton and phytoplankton as main source of feed. However, a fully grown Yellow perch will feed on large prey. For anglers catching either a young or matured yellow perch fish requires the use of mealworm which is part of their favorite meal and it consist of a larva of a beetle.

To catch a yellow perch successfully, you will need to use a small floater and several mealworms as baits. Cast the line into the water and allow it to drift and after a while, you will definitely catch a yellow perch if it noticed the cluster of mealworms on the hook.


These are crustaceans that are of 3-5 inches lager in size and they are one of the favorite diets of the yellow perch – and these crayfishes lives at the bottom of lakes, ponds and rivers. For anglers hoping to use crayfish as bait, they will need a small float and a two spit shots (tiny metal that clamps on your fishing line). The split shot allows fishermen to cast their lines farther and keep the bait near the bottom of the water.

They hook the crayfish at the back tail and cast it near clusters of large rocks and wait for the yellow perch to latch on the hook.

Small Fish

These predatory fish prefer smaller fishes ranges from 3-6 inches in sizes as food. They fall for silver or gold shining lures hanging from the hook. If there are no small fish to use as bait, you can opt for flathead minnows as these baits also yeild significant results with yellow perch.

Newts, Leeches and Night Crawlers

Yellow perch fish will latch at any moving target that is within its range as long as its of small size. Anglers love using water baits such as salamanders, newts etc. Also, if you are fishing in the saltwater or ice fishing using a leech as lure also works pretty well on yellow perch.

Artificial Baits That Attract Yellow Perch

Yellow perch can fall for various artificial lures like minnow plugs, spinners, and stream flies. If you are going to use artificial baits, use the brightly colored ones as these looks more enticing to yellow perch. Use colors like white, red, yellow because these works well when fishing in cloudy and unclear conditions.

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