The Best Tuna Bait


There are lots of debates among anglers on the best tuna bait out there. However, whichever opinion you have about baits and lures for catching tuna, the point is that the best bait for tuna fish is one that is very attractive to Tuna and also must be able to hold up under heavy weather condition. There are few baits that falls into this category and they are excellent for luring and catching all types and sizes of Tuna.


For smaller tuna, sardines are a very good options – even though they can be used to catch big tuna as well. They are good bait either when used as live or artificial baits. If you use the live sardines, they could be very tricky to manage because they are very active species. So inexperienced anglers should consider other sardine lures instead of using live sardine bait.


One good bait that anglers have used for many years to attract tuna is the Mackerel. They are good bait either when used as live bait or artificial bait. If you are wondering what best size of Mackerel to use as bait, this is not a problem as Tuna will go for any size of Mackerel as long as its within its reach. When using mackerel as bait the fisherman should have them in good supply and rig them with sturdy hooks and knots as this type of lures could be very enticing to tuna and they attack on them with vigor.


Squids could be very difficult to rig at times especially for inexperienced anglers because of their fragile nature which is why tuna anglers will first go for available lures before choosing to use a squid. Although when properly attached to a hook, they are quite attractive to tuna and squids that are sourced from the atlantics have more flesh for tuna to eat that ones from other places nd therefore they tend to hold up better when used in rough weather.

Its proper to use a sinker to keep the squid lightly in the water and the sinker will also reduce the way the squid bounces in the water and keep it intact for a long time.


Many anglers prefer to use the Ballyhoo bait as a first choice because of how easy it is to set up. The lure is very easy to rig and can bring in good catches any day. This type of bait comes in many sizes to attract different sizes of tuna. While some tune will prefer to swim mid water, for tuna that swim deep down, some anglers will troll the ballyhoo below the water surface using chin weights and downriggers to make it go deep.

Artificial Lures

Sometimes using a natural lure to catch a tuna can be quite frustrating as the bait will disintegrate when used in rough weather. However, some tuna anglers will rather use a jig head instead of the natural bait to avoid losing the bait parts when trolling in rough water or deep in the water. There are different type of jig heads that are readily available in bait shops or pet shops, you can opt for mackerel, sardines and other fish bait that tuna love to eat.

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