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Looking for the best sand spike rod holder? One of the coolest places to relax and have fun with family and friends is definitely on the beach. If you love surf fishing, then having a beach rod holder or a sand spike for surf fishing will be an adequate fishing equipment that will come handy.

Beach rod holders are accessories that all surf anglers must posses to keep the fishing rod from being swept away by the sea tide. While some rod holders are used to store your rod and protect it from damages when placed inside the truck or your fishing boat, others are actively used for fishing especially when fishing on the beach. The factors to keep in mind when using a sand spike depends on the application you have for using it however, its application will depend greatly on the mounting type and the cost to how easily its adjusted to use.

In this article, we’ll look at what a beach rod holder is and which sand spike holder hold strong for anglers.

What’s a Fishing rod holders

The importance of a rod holder is to secure the fishing rod from any sort of damage when the fisherman is walking around. The rod holder will make the fishing rod secure safer in places that would have been otherwise dangerous to walk or move the rod. There are different types of rod holders available for sale, all you need to do is find the one that best suit your application.

Homemade sand spike fishing rod holders

Making a homemade sand spike is quite easy if you have the basic necessities to make one. here are the 3 most important element to creating a sturdy beach rod holder:

  • a PVC pipe,
  • a saw to cut the pipe,
  • and a marker to mark where you want to cut the pipe.

All you have to do is mark where you want to cut and at what angle. Then you cut the pipe, and you’re done. It’s that easy to make your own. These are very similar to store bought PVC fishing rod holders.

Although homemade sand spikes are easy to make, they however can not measure up to ones made by reliable and trusted fishing brands in the market

Sand Spike rod holder For Surf Fishing

Spike rod holders are great. They have a rod holder on the top with a long spike on top. The tip keeps them more firmly on the ground when you put them in the sand. They are more likely to have steadfastness and can also be placed in more soil and sand wherever you fish.

If necessary, you can also place this rod holder in the water, thanks to the height of the tips. The nail itself is usually made of aluminum.

fishing rod holder

sand spike rod holder

The rod holder is similar to the nail bar holder. It has a PVC rod holder on the top with a pole attached to it. It resembles a nail, except the post is metal or stainless steel. In any case, it is very robust and it is recommended to place it only on the ground near the coast. Generally better.

Scotty Power Lock Bar Holder

The Power Lock handlebar mount is the most popular and affordable open option from the leading Scotty brand. It is made from engineering nylon which is fiber reinforced for strength and reliability and is suitable for most boats. Amazon reviewers report that they have used it successfully for a variety of purposes, from trolling in kayaks to fishing in deep-sea fishing boats. The beach rod holder is easy to remove and reinstall, allowing for use on multiple boats.

The universal holder is designed to work with almost all rod and reel configurations. The front retaining ring keeps the shaft secure while riding and ensures it doesn’t fall over the edge in the event of a major impact. The rod holder is fully adjustable up and down and offers 360 degrees of horizontal rotation, allowing you to create the perfect angle for your chosen fishing technique. Choose from black, white or gray and mount the mount to the top or side of the tower using the included combo mount.

Best Design: STEALTH Quick Release Rod Holder

The STEALTH Quick Release Rod Holder is an open rod holder with a unique design. Patented CAM release technology holds the rod in place without the need for a traditional retaining ring. This means that when a fish strikes, you can sink the hook in one movement and remove the rod from the holder, reducing the chances of losing the fish while trying to release the rod. The perfect Amazon review proves the effectiveness of this innovative feature.

The STEALTH sand spike rod holder is made from durable nylon and reinforced with engineered elastomer for durability. The material is resistant to UV rays and weather influences and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. Best of all, the support comes with a lifetime warranty. A variety of different media are available; In addition, the pole mount is compatible with any Scotty or Cabela mount you have installed on your boat.

Best model. PLUSINNO beach rod holder

Amazon reviewers praise the PLUSINNO rod holder for its sturdy construction and versatility. It features a screw clamp that can be attached vertically or horizontally to your boat’s ramp, bumper or transom. Two sizes are available: one with a maximum opening of 1.97 inches and the other with a maximum opening of 4.75 inches. The advantages of the support beach rod holder are that there is no need to drill holes in the boat and the holder can be easily transferred from one boat to another.

The collet is made of stainless steel, making this collet ideal for saltwater fishing. The open housing is made of impact and corrosion resistant ABS plastic. There is a secure locking ring on the front and the gimbal fit allows it to be used with a variety of spinning, spinning and casting rods. You can adjust the rod holder 360 degrees to get the perfect angle and then lock it securely.

The best track support. Brocraft Adjustable Rail Mount

The Brocraft Adjustable Rail Mount features a smooth, polished, anodized closed loop aluminum tube. Aluminum not only looks good, but also works against corrosion. Reinforced engineering grade nylon hardware and stainless steel screws extend the overall life of the rod holder. The bracket is designed for 7/8” or 1” guide tubes and 1.25” square tubes.

Amazon reviewers appreciate the reassurance of support. With 360-degree rotation and 12 sleep positions, the bar can be easily positioned at the right angle. A slot in the front allows the spinning reel to be held securely in place, while the open bottom houses the trigger rest. Last but not least, it is quick to assemble and easy to disassemble, a key benefit for anyone using a matching boat cover and needing to remove the prop after each fishing trip.

The best sand tips. Fish-N-Mate sand picks

Used by inshore anglers to secure their rods on the beach, the Sand Spike comes in handy when using several rods at once or needing a break while holding a heavy rod. The Fish-N-Mate Sand Spike is made of corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum. It can withstand salt water and is surprisingly light at 50 inches in length.

The length of the rod ensures it stays securely in the sand and can withstand the pull of big fish and strong waves. It also helps you align yourself in the waves. Amazon reviewers like the sturdy feel and foundation of this stand, making it easy to grow in the sand. A nylon cap holds the spool in place and reduces wear, while the exterior has a built-in measuring tape.

Best for storage. Brocraft tackle rack rod holders

A space-saving storage tool when you’re not fishing, the Brocraft Tackle Rack holds one, two, three, four or five rods, depending on the model you choose. The rack can be mounted directly on any vertical surface. When fishing from a boat or platform, use it to hold multiple rods so you can quickly change settings.

The sand spike rod holders are made of durable and corrosion resistant polypropylene. They have a minimum diameter of 1.5 inches and are suitable for various types of rods. As a bonus, the rack includes built-in slots for tongs, knives, and bait, and while it’s not assembled, Amazon’s reviewers say the pieces are easy to assemble.

Best Budget (installed). Brocraft Power Lock Fully Adjustable Beach Rod Holder

The Brocraft Power Lock fully adjustable bar mount has received rave reviews on Amazon. With some owners claiming its quality is comparable to top brand models. It is made of fiber-injected nylon and can be rotated 360 degrees. This allows it to be adjusted in various vertical and horizontal positions. A locking ring on the front keeps your racket safe. The manufacturer claims the holder is compatible with all types of rods, although some reviewers report that it doesn’t work well with spinning rods and reels. Your purchase includes a top or side mounting system.

Best budget (independent). Berkley coil rod holder

The Berkeley Spiral Rod Holder is made of powder coated steel and is a very affordable option. It’s the ideal solution for inshore anglers on a budget. Allowing you to get that reel out of the sand whenever you plug in or take a break. The corkscrew is suitable for most types of rods. but only for handles up to 1 inch in diameter. For example, Amazon’s reviewers say it’s not compatible with larger surf gear. The holder is light enough to keep your bag handy on your next ride.

In conclusion

the sand spike rod holder on the beach. It’s simple, but a game changer. With a beach rod holder you can drop the rod and do other things. For instance you might need to eat or even relax while waiting for a fish to bite. Check out other gear that can help you improve your fishing skills in professional fishing.


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