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Looking for the best life vest for kayak fishing? Statistics from the United States Coast Guard from 2010 state that 83% of the causes of death for sailors are drowning and that 88% of these sailors who are drowning are people who are not wearing life vests..

These statistics show that just as it is important to have a safety belt for safe road travel, it is important to wear a life life jacket at sea!

A life jacket is a personal and life-saving flotation device, most of which is made from buoyant materials, designed to keep the wearer buoyant so they can breathe easily and designed not to distract you along the way.

In order for your life vest to be considered safe, it must first be of the right size for your body, the right bouyancy, including possible weight (clothing, etc.), and the right type of environment available.

You should try to fit a life vest at least once a year in a suitable environment (shallow beach or swimming pool) and test its durability.

If you are ready to purchase a life vest for your next kayak fishing trip, here are some of the best life vest for kayak fishing that you will find very handy.

Best 3 Life Kayak Vest For Kayak Fishing to consider:

Kayakers usually wear life jackets. These types of life kayak vests can only help you get out of the way when you fall, but they won’t block your airways from the water if you lose consciousness, so remember that. Thanks to its design, you can easily get on and off your fishing kayak, paddle and swim comfortably.

Fishing vests are common for emergency assistance. In the case of a life jacket, its main mission is to keep the head (mouth and nose) out of the water, thanks to more foam in the front and a longer neck. This form is what forces a person to turn to himself, to be careful. The downside to this activity is often the discomfort of wearing these vests, as they are more versatile and less flexible than floating vests. These vests are not designed to move freely in a kayak. The life jacket will not allow you to paddle or swim comfortably, and if you fall into the water, it will be more difficult to get back into the kayak.

Here are the best life kayak vest that we recommend:

Old town canoe and life vests for kayak fishing

Old Town has more than a hundred years of experience in the production of life jackets for traveling shoppers, which is why their products are one of the most available anywhere in the world and Old Town Canoes & Kayaks life jackets are no exception. .

The vest, endowed with more advanced features, presents a stylish look that easily attracts attention. In addition, we greatly appreciate it for its excellent storage capacity, which is dedicated to the inclusion of D-rings and loops in the product.

In addition, you will have no problem breathing or sweating when you wear it thanks to the sufficient ventilation holes and the Air Comfort technology, which reduces the contact of the jacket with the body and offers more space for the exchange of air molecules. This will keep you cool and comfortable for long hours.

In addition, the bait has a built-in buckle at the waist, which ensures a perfect fit and prevents repeated rotation of the vest. The appeal of this particular product is highly regarded by the masses and is why it is placed on the list of the best life jackets for kayaking.

Plus, the bottom strap allows you to hang other accessories around the vest, such as water bottles, flashlights, and hanging nets for easy carrying and moving.


  • Extra comfort and ventilation
  • light and resistant
  • Greater storage capacity


  • High price

The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks life vest is associated with smooth movement in many directions and can keep you from drowning. In addition, the long backrest and large elastic pockets will help you store your cellphone and other necessities without damaging it.

The pockets are waterproof and protect your accessories from damage caused by the ingress of water.

Stohlquist Keeper Fishing Life Jacket

The Stohlquist Keeper Fishing Life Jacket is often considered a hybrid life jacket that protects you from drowning and has multiple built-in pockets for better storage and mobility. However, it is relatively expensive and comes at a high price. Despite its inaccessibility for some users, it is still very popular and enjoys strong sales in the industry every year due to its top-notch features and impressive capabilities. The most outstanding feature of this product is its customizable character associated with different foam inserts for the user.

Instead of generic inserts, the manufacturer offers specialized inserts for each user, which can be integrated into the vest according to body measurements. Therefore, it provides balanced buoyancy for different body types.

Along with this, consumers greatly admire the increased comfort offered by the high back, which allows for comfortable swimming and multiple positions without fear of drowning or re-adjusting the BC. The overall length of the body also contributes to a snug fit and increases the suitability for users from different environments. We also emphasize the inclusion of various pockets and pads in the system storage, which allows not only extra storage of accessories, but also protection against damage and crushing damage in extreme situations.

In addition, the bags are collapsible, so they can’t be a burden to your routine tasks. We recommend using it for kayaking if you want more protection and you don’t have to worry about budget.


  • Insert your own foam
  • Reduce sweating
  • Protection against crushing damage

The Stohlquist Keeper fishing life jacket has mesh components that are porous in nature and pass through small air molecules. Thus, it will keep you cool and well ventilated in dry and hot summer weather.

The NRS Chinook OS Fishing Life Jacket

The NRS Chinook OS Fishing Life Jacket is one of the best life jackets for kayaks due to its comfortable and versatile design, which improves its overall performance and can be used in multiple containers. , including kayaks, with precision and accuracy.

However, what attracted us to this masterpiece was the unique design with minimal padding, characterized by effortless movement. This design sits on the front of the jacket near the waist and the top fits snugly over the shoulders. Therefore, it offers you greater protection against drowning. It can also help you maintain good posture and help reduce posture damage. The front of this particular vest allows you to store various accessories without weighing it down and saves you the hassle of handling it while fishing.

That’s why we offer you a pleasant and worry-free fishing experience. In addition, the front strap has an integrated knife tab with which you have easy access to many tools. This saves a lot of time needed for other tasks and is associated with exceptional time efficiency. Finally, bait storage is also popular with many and offers more storage space for tools and necessities.


  • unique cut
  • more set points
  • smooth movement


  • sustainability issues

The NRS Chinook OS Fishing Life Jacket is known for its mesh bottom, which allows you to work independently, despite sweating and sweating problems.

The mesh allows for proper air exchange and further reduces perspiration, keeping you cool and dry for many hours and contributing to exceptional performance efficiency. Which kayak fishing vest to choose? December 16, 2019

Today we will give you some simple tips to make you hesitate a little when choosing different life jackets, one that will come in handy when fishing aboard your kayak.

Our main advice is that when choosing a good fishing vest, keep in mind that it offers safety, utility and comfort.

Factors to consider when buying the best life vests for kayak fishing


First of all, the fit of the life jacket is of great importance. To do this it is necessary to check the material of the inner padding, the strap of the vest and its general design.

We also recommend that you try on the vest in person if you are physically purchasing it. This will help you determine the right size for you and greatly reduce future problems. Most wearers prefer vests that are high on the shoulders and have a full back for safety and a comfortable fit.

This will reduce the pressure on the muscles and you can move comfortably with the vest. Also check the fit of the waist area for added safety.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the perfect cut is that the jacket should be less tight so that it does not impede your movement and cause sweating. It should be roomy enough to breathe comfortably.

building material

Then we have the building materials. Of course you should always keep this in mind. Not only is it light and light, but it is extremely comfortable and soft. Therefore, it protects the skin from unwanted abrasions and roughness. Another advantage of the gauze net is the high porosity, guaranteed by the passage of air molecules. This keeps the interior cool and dry. This can reduce sweat production and increase the suitability of this type of vest for those who tend to live in warm, humid areas with little rain.

Storage capacity

You should also consider the storage capacity of your life jacket before you start shopping. Some popular options available in the market have elastic storage pockets that are not waterproof and do not allow water to seep through. As such, it will keep your accessories like cell phones and other related items intact.

In addition to these pockets, it is also important to store the bait, which offers the same benefits. The large storage space will help you absorb more materials without fear of damage and its use will be affected by contact with water.

freedom of movement

As mentioned above, the life jacket should be less tight to restrict your movement. Instead, it should allow you to multitask with minimal effort. The main function of these products is to protect you from drowning and will not affect your daily fishing experience.

Therefore, reading the reviews of the vest you are interested in and trying it on before deciding will help you choose the most suitable variant for you and will save you a lot of trouble in the future.


Finally, price is another factor that influences the choice of a suitable life jacket. This can be especially true if you have a limited budget and do not want to buy an expensive vest.

In such situations, it is always advisable to first read the price of the option you want and then move on. This will not only save you the hassle of reading long reviews of the various options, but will also contribute to exceptional time efficiency in the long run.


What life jacket do I need for kayaks? For kayaks, most users prefer U.S. Coast Guard Type III or Type V vests. Both types of vests are approved by the authorities and there are different types such as sweaters, life jackets, OS, etc.

However, we strongly recommend that you check your mobility before purchasing vests and support the offerings of vests for additional protection and a unique kayaking experience.

Why do i have to wear a life jacket?

It is a safety system that you must adopt when you go sailing, even in calm waters, and you know it well.

PFD stands for Personal Flotation Device and guarantees that if you fall into the water at any time, you will stay afloat. Even if you are a strong swimmer, it is worth investing in a life jacket and could save your life.

The increased buoyancy will also make it easier to re-enter the kayak from the water.

What type of PFD should I wear?

Life jackets (PFDs) come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, but generally five types of life jackets need to be considered.

Type I.

This type of life jacket is therefore designed for use in clear water, on stormy seas or in remote areas where lifeboats may be slowly accessible.

This is the best life jacket for performance, because it is designed for long-term wear and is able to wear the head unknowingly on the water.

However, these vests are used on commercial boats rather than kayaking and have limited freedom of movement.

Type II

These BCs are designed for activities near the coast. Unlike the previous type, they are made for calm waters and situations where quick rescue is to be expected.

Type III

This is the ideal type for kayaking, fishing, water skiing and other water related activities.

Like Type II, they are designed for calm water and terrain where quick relief is expected, but are also designed specifically to complement physical activity.

Type IV

It is not a life jacket, but a removable safety vest that can take the form of a ring or a floating cushion.

Type V

Type V life jackets are intended for special use and the conditions and activities for which they are suitable are indicated on the label. Everyone is different. For example, a full-body survival kit can be classified as type V because it is designed for cold climates and protects the body from hypothermia. Many Type V PFDs will also display the performance level of Type I, II or III labels.

Inside the kayak life jacket there are different levels and therefore the prices. It goes without saying that they aren’t cheap (the good ones cost more than $ 100), but if you’re sure this game is for you, it’s worth the investment.

Years ago, to choose a vest for sea kayaking, you had to wear whitewater models, now there are specific models.

What is the difference between a PFD and a life jacket?

Both PFDs, also known as personal flotation devices, and life jackets have the same function, ie protection against drowning. However, the difference lies in the level of comfort and usability that these products offer. PFDs are more comfortable and are usually designed for long-term use.

It does not cause problems with stress or breathing and can be comfortable to wear all day, unlike a life jacket, which can be soft and relaxed like a PFD. However, it has extra protection against drowning.

What is the difference between type 2 and type 3 life vests for kayaking?

Type 2 and Type 3 PFDs have the same function of rescuing people from drowning if they lean back or cannot turn due to consciousness. Otherwise, however, they are basically lazy. Type 2 vests can be used for those who weigh approximately 15.5 pounds and have less buoyancy, while type 3 vests are suitable for those who weigh more than 15.5 pounds, floating.


When kayaking, life jackets have proven to be a great helper. Not only do they protect you from drowning, but they also provide extra storage capacity for storing accessories while fishing.

These vests come in different types with different uses and can be difficult for beginners to choose from. Therefore, in this article we present a comprehensive overview of the best life jackets for kayaking based on suitability, durability, stowage, mobility and building materials.

From the above options, we greatly appreciate the Old Town Canoes & Kayaks life jacket for its added ventilation, improved comfort, light and durable construction, large storage capacity and trouble-free movement. Therefore, this is our highest recommendation for anyone looking for the best fishing jackets available in 2022.

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