Best Ice Auger

best ice auger

Wondering what the best ice auger is? If you ever plan on going ice fishing, you need to have an Ice Auger. An auger is a tool used for drilling holes in the ice for placing bait or hooks. A typical auger is powered by air, water, hydraulic, electric, or gasoline. These options depend upon what type of machine you would like to purchase. If you are interested in purchasing an ice auger, you should first consider how much power you will need. You can find high-powered ice augers for small jobs, while mid-range auger provide the power necessary for larger tasks.

There are two ways of using an ice auger. One way is to use the ice auger directly at the spot where you want to place the hook. Another way is to use the auger and reel, pulling the line out of the hole. Either option works great if you have a boat or a hole already placed in the ice. When you pull the line out of the ice, then you can set the hook right away. In order to catch fish effectively, you need to use the correct equipment.

The best way to catch fish is to use a rod and reel. You attach the ice auger to the rod and reel, and then you put the tip of the ice auger in the hole. Then you reel in the line until you feel a tug on the rod. Once you feel the tug, then set the hook.

Types of ice auger for fishing

Ice augers are devices that are used for making holes in frozen lakes and ponds. These tools are used for finding fish that have been trapped in the icy waters. The tool consists of two parts; the shaft of the device and the bit at the end of the shaft. The shaft looks like a spear, and the bit is shaped like a spoon.

The auger is driven into the ice using a crank handle. Once the bit makes contact with the ice, it starts to dig out an area where the hole can be created. When the hole is done digging, the bit is removed and replaced by the shaft. The shaft contains a sharpened steel point or blade that is used to make the hole. There are different types of ice augers, including those that require no electric power source and those that use electricity.

Electric powered ice augers are designed to be used only in ice covered lakes and ponds. A battery pack stores enough wattage to run the auger until the batteries need replacement. Electric powered augers are operated by hand. As with any type of electric equipment, special precautions are required to ensure safety and protection from electrical hazards.

Hand-cranked ice augers are used for fishing in open water and shallow bodies of water. They work much like a drill, except instead of drilling the hole, they are used to remove the ice around a pole or post. Hand-cranked ice auger bits may be either metal or plastic. Metal bits are less likely to break than their plastic counterparts. Also, metal augers are generally longer than their plastic counterparts.

Best Electric Ice Auger for Fishing

G&G Ice Augers

g&g ice auger

The G&G Ice Auger is designed for Ice Fishing and has been proven over time to be one of the best on the market. With its unique design, the G&G Ice Augur has a quick release system that is easy to use. The auger has a 1/8 inch stainless steel shaft, making it ideal for deep-sea rods and hooks. There are 6 holes along the shaft to evenly distribute weight, creating stability while using the auguer.

The G&G Ice Auguer comes with a carrying case that includes 8 different configurations and sizes of auger blades. Its durable nylon strap makes transporting the tool easier than ever!

SONIC Ice Fish Auger

The Sonic Ice Fish Auger is a great choice if you are looking for high end features at a reasonable price. A few things set the Sonic apart from other augers with similar features. First, the Sonic’s aluminum construction is lightweight. Second, the Sonic is built tough – it can withstand all types of abuse, including dropping off ledges, rocks, and cliffs. Third, it’s an automatic fish finder – just push the button and start taking fish out of the water!

The Sonic’s patented technology provides a clear sonar display so you know exactly where to place your bait. Finally, the Sonic auger comes with a carry bag and two spare blades that fit any size blade hole – now you can take your auger anywhere and always have a spare.

WENHU XB-WX13 Ice Pick

The Wenhu XB-Wx13 Ice Pick is the perfect combination between affordability and quality. The dual blade design makes it possible to reach those hard-to-reach spots. Additionally, the Wx13 auger comes with a removable handle design that allows it to be easily stored. The Wx13 comes with a handy carrying pouch and a 2nd blade that fits nearly any blade hole. The Wenhu XB‐Wx13 Ice Pick provides superior performance and reliability for years to come!

ION Electric G2 Ice Auger fishing

SONIC Ice Fish Auger

The Ion G2 is a portable, cordless, handheld ice auger for fishing. The Ion G2 features a powerful motor capable of producing 150 foot-pounds of torque and operates at 60 Hz.

This is the only cordless auger that provides a wide range of ice augering capabilities. You can use the Ion G2 for ice augering, fish, bait, or tackle applications. Simply switch to the desired mode via the intuitive controls.

It’s powered by two AAA batteries (not included) and is backed by a 5 year warranty.


  • Powerful high speed motor produces 150 ft-lbs of torque, making it ideal in any application where you need to drill through hard ice
  • Switch between Ice Auger Mode, Fish Mode, Bait Mode, or Tackle Mode using the intuitive controls
  • Can easily be operated hands free by simply pressing the trigger
  • Cordless operation means no cords to worry about
  • Compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for fishing, tackle, or even ice auguring
  • Backed by a 5 yr warranty

Jiffy E6 Lightning Electric Powered Ice Drill fishing

Jiffy E6 Lightning Electric Powered Ice Drill fishing

This electric powered ice drill uses the power of your Jiffy E6 to make holes in the ice. You simply push down and release to start drilling. To stop drilling, hold it down and release again until you have completed the hole. It’s perfect for fishing in cold water and even comes with instructions!

The Jiffy E6 is a great electric powered ice drill fishing. The Jiffy E6 comes equipped with an 18 inch diameter motorized shaft, a powerful motor, and a 14-inch diameter auger for drilling holes up to 6 inches deep. It has been well received by fishermen who use it for ice fishing. It features an innovative design with a removable handle and built-in battery charger. The Jiffy e6 uses 12 D batteries.



  • Jiffy E6 Lightning electric powered ice drill
  • 1/8 inch drill bit
  • 5 feet of 1/16 inch rope line
  • 8 foot pole
  • Jiffy E-6 Quick Set Fishing Pole
  • 2 pieces of 6 mm wire eye hook
  • Wire cutter
  • 10 pounds test weight
  • Sinker
  • 4 hooks
  • 20 feet of nylon leader
  • 25 feet of monofilament line
  • Small plastic bucket
  • Waterproof case


  • No cord
  • Lightning fast
  • Can be used for any ice hole size
  • Works great for freshwater fish and saltwater species


  • The handle does not have a clamping mechanism
  • Doesn’t work well for small holes
  • Needs some fine tuning before use

StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer

StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer

StrikeMaster Ice Augers – The Strikemaster lithium lazer ice auger was designed for any size grower that wants to save time. The Strikemaster is the worlds only fully automated lazer ice auger. No longer do growers have to spend countless hours hand drilling and scraping the side of their grow chambers to create perfect ice holes for air flow. Now they can focus on getting the job done and not worry about the tedious task of hand crafting holes in their grow chamber.

Strike Master System

The StrikeMaster lithium lazer ice auging system offers great performance and ease of use. Once your grow chamber is installed, simply plug in the unit and let it work its magic! At just over 1 pound (0.45 kg) the StrikeMaster delivers maximum power at minimal effort. When using the StrikeMaster, no two holes are alike; each hole is individually drilled and laser-cut by the lazer blade. This ensures that your grow chamber will produce the best possible results.

StrikeMaster Ice Auger Blades

StrikeMaster lazer blades feature a unique design which reduces weight while maintaining strength. The StrikeMaster lazer blade is constructed from high tensile steel with a special coating that prevents rust. A special edge treatment further enhances durability and cuts down on maintenance. Each blade is precision manufactured to ensure consistent cutting depth and shape.

High Performance Battery Pack

At just under 10 pounds (4.5kg), the battery pack provides ample power for any sized grower. The battery offers a long service life and comes with 2 extra batteries for added peace of mind.

StrikeMaster Ice Augering Kit

StrikeMaster’s ice augering kit includes everything necessary to get started right away. Includes StrikeMaster lazer ice auger, StrikeMaster lithium ion battery pack, StrikeMaster spare blades, and StrikeMaster tool box.

StrikeMaster Ice Auger Guidebook

This guidebook features step-by-step instructions for installing the StrikeMaster ice auger system. Also included are detailed illustrations and tips on how to maximize the performance of your Grow Chamber.

StrikeMaster Ice Augmentor Toolbox

StrikeMaster’s ice augmentor kit includes tools for installation and maintenance. Includes StrikeMaster lacer, screwdriver set, hex keys, and spare blades.


k-drill auger

The K-Drill Ice Auger is a new product that makes ice augering easier than ever before. It’s perfect for those who have never used an ice auger before or who just want to make ice augering a bit safer and easier.

It uses a drill motor and a single auger (both included) as well as a few extras including an adjustable auger guide and a quick release chuck.

This video shows how easy it is to use and why we think it’s worth checking out. If you decide to buy one, go to and get yours today!

What’s the difference between an ice auger and a dirt auger in fishing?

An ice auger is a tool used in ice fishing. Its uses blades similar to those used in snow blowers to clear off snow from the ice. Augers are primarily for removing water from the ice, making holes for bait, and cleaning out an area after successful fishing. A dirt auger, on the other hand, is to remove loose soil from a hole while fishing.

Dirt augers consist of long handles with circular metal shovel-like blades. In order to create a hole in the ice, the auger and blade work together to dig away at the surface of the ice until a sufficient hole is created. If the ice is thick, only a small amount of digging will be necessary. Once the hole is dug, the ice auger is removed and replaced with a stick that serves as a guide to help pull in the baits. After the hook is set, the baiting process begins again.

How to Choose the Best Ice Auger – A Buyer’s Guide

You may have seen the electric ice augers around and thought they were cool, but did you know how much work goes into choosing the best one? When shopping for the best electric ice augers there are some things to consider before you buy them. Here are some tips to help you choose the best electric ice auger for yourself.

 Size & Weight

The first thing to think about is the size and weight of the unit you want. You don’t necessarily need to go big right off the bat, but if you’re planning on doing much heavy lifting then you’ll want something that’s able to handle the job. If not, than perhaps a smaller model might be just fine. You should also be thinking about the amount of power the machine will require. This could vary depending on what kind of auger you purchase.


This is probably the most important factor when purchasing an electric auger. Not only do you want one that won’t hurt your back, but you want one that won’t electrocute you either. These units will always have safety features built in such as grounding systems and guards. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly on how to care for your unit once you’ve purchased it.


Some electric ice augers have special features built in to make your job easier. Make sure the feature you want isn’t already built into the unit you want to get. For example, you don’t want an auger that has a drill bit included in its price tag. Other features to look out for include variable speed controls, adjustable/adjustable depth controls, and automatic shut-off features.


Depending on where you plan to use yours, you may want to consider getting a portable version instead of a fixed one. Fixed models tend to be easier to store and transport whereas portables can fit anywhere. Don’t forget about accessories too! Most electric augers will come with a few different attachments including flat blades, round blades, and diamond blades.


If you find yourself needing warranty service, you want to make sure that whoever does the servicing is reputable. Reputable companies will have a good reputation and provide great customer service. Warranty services aren’t free and can cost extra money, so make sure you ask about them before buying.

The most important thing to remember when looking for electric ice augers is to shop wisely. You don’t really want to spend too much time and effort figuring out how to choose the best electric ice auger. Use these simple steps to help you pick out the perfect electric auger for you.

Difference between Gas ice auger Versus Electric ice auger Versus Manual ice auger fishing

When you have a small pond, a small lake or even a small stream, you always need an ice auger. An ice auger is basically a tool that helps in taking out solid ice from these bodies of water. There are three types of augers that you can use in order to take out solid ice from these small bodies of water. They are gas ice auger, electric ice auger, and manual auger. In this article, we will discuss about each of them. Let’s start off with the first type of auger; Gas Ice Auger.

 What is a Gas Auger?

best fishing driller

A gas ice auger is a kind of an auger that uses natural gas as power. These augers run on a standard propane tank. You just connect the hose to the tank, turn the handle, and get the job done. A gas ice auger comes with a variety of different sizes, ranging from 2-inch diameter all the way up to 5-inch diameter. Most people prefer using a 4-inch diameter auger since they feel that it gives them the best reach.

Gas ice augers are commonly used for smaller ponds. So if you want to use one on a bigger body of water like a lake or river, then you should consider buying a larger size. If you have never used a gas ice auger before, make sure to test it before working on a big project.

 Why Should I Use a Gas Auger over an Electric Auger?

You might want to use a gas ice auger if you live in a rural area where electricity is not accessible. On the contrary, if you live in a suburban area, you probably already have access to electricity. However, some people may still choose to go with a gas ice auger simply because they don’t know how to work with electricity. Another good reason to use a gas ice is if you’re trying to save money. Compared to an electric auger, a gas ice is cheaper. Also, if you own a boat, a gas ice auger is much easier to maneuver than an electric ice auger.

Which is Better When Using a Gas Auger, an Electric Auger or a Manual Ice Auger?

If you’re wondering which one is better, then here are my two cents. Personally, I think that a gas auger and a manual ice auger are better options compared to an electric ice augur. Why? Because both of them provide a wide range of motion which makes them easier to maneuver around the body of water.

They also come with longer handles which allow you to do things that require considerable force without straining your back too much. On the other hand, an electric auger requires you to hold onto a cord while moving around the lake or river. Therefore, if you’re looking for something simple, then you should definitely go with a manual or a gas ice auger.


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