What Bait to Use for Salmon Fishing


Looking for What Bait to Use for Salmon Fishing? One species of fish that anglers love to fish is the salmon. You can bait these aggressive 100+ pounds in weight fish with different types of lures and baits which makes fishing for these types of predatory fish very exciting. Some of the most effective bait to catch salmon includes crankbaits, spoons, cutbaits and roe.

These are just few types of bait that professional angles will have in their tackle bag when going for salmon fishing. To have more success with salmon fishing, humpback or big king, you can combine these different lures and baits at the same time to make it very attractive.


These types of lures are painted to look more like small baitfish. They are of small –medium-sized baits made from plastics, wood or metals. Most crankbaits comes with plastic lips that extends from the front of the bait and making them to dive. These types of bait work pretty well to make salmons latch at the bait. They work so well that even salmons that want to spawn or have stopped feeding will not resist these crankbaits.

The best crankbaits to use on salmons are ones that have deep body and shows a wide wobble when pulled through the water. The best color you can have for crankbaits that work are pink colors, purple, black and fire tiger. Also crankbaits that comes in red colored bellies are also known to be very effective at tempting salmons from the deep.


For most salmon fishing, spoon seems to be the most used type of lure also casting; trolling and plunking all have been very effective to catching salmon. Spoons being a flat piece of polished metal will work very well if properly attached to a hook. They can come in painted stripes or patterns. Why this bait seems to work all the time is because they rae very visible and can mimic the movement of a baitfish.

Its advisable to opt for the tiniest spoons because their movement is more precise and effective than using a thick spoon. You can as well use spoons that have no color but to be successful with your salmon fishing you can use blue or green marking as these are known to catch salmons more effectively.


Using eggs from trout or salmon can be very productive in catching salmon especially when plunking in rivers or drift fishing. To fish with eggs (roe) use clusters of it on a small hook, or you can use it on a small cork fondly called a corky and a piece of yarn when you are fishing with roe. The corky will keep the eggs floating off the bottom of the river while the yarn is meant to attract the attention of hungry salmon.

Cut Baits

Live baits are also very effective at catching salmons – mooching, sardines, herrings or shad are some of the few cut baits that have been used to catch salmon successfully. Cut baits can be used as the main source when rigged with hooks or they can be inclusive to spoons or other lures so that the fish could be tempted the more. Fresh and brined fish will work much better than using a frozen fish because the fresh fish will last longer in the water when used as bait for salmon.

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