The Best Lures for Florida Bass

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What are the best lures for Florida bass? Florida is the mecca for all anglers who love to fish for the big bass. And the reason why this is so is that Florida fishing is better than any bass fishing areas across the United States. If fishing for big bass is your thing, then Florida should be your next place to fish. Not only is the sea filled with big bass, its lakes and rivers are also packed full with big bass any day!

For anglers who just wanted to have fun with catching few fishes, the lakes and river will work perfect. And if you are the type that wants to go deep into the sea, Florida boast of the biggest bass species there is.

Lures also plays a vital role for anglers who want to catch the Florida big bass fish.


Using live shiner fish bait with or without the bobber is one great way to have the Florida bass fish in your hook. During the winter or the early spring, using the shiners as bait work perfectly for fish heading to the shallow water to breed. Find a sturdy bait caster to hook the shiner just somewhere the fin is located, then allow it to swim on its own. This type of bait (live shiner) is most effective when set around vegetation.

Soft Jerkbaits

The tip here is to make sure the sharp point of the hook is well buried inside the bait so the fish does not notice it’s been baited. The soft jerkbaits helps the anglers to effectively fish in heavy vegetation areas because the bait is a total weed less lure. As you know, bass in Florida often hide under thick covers and the soft jerkbait is a perfect lure to use on them.

The best way to cast the bait is on open areas where is is sparse vegetation or find areas that are thickly vegetated and draw the bait back slowly toward the boat with a twitching motion. You can use the soft jerkbait either on the surface of water or below it.

Spinner baits

When you are fishing Florida bass in windy condition, its best to use the spinerbait because the spinner bait is a shiny piece of element that will attract the bass and this bait works very well when used around vegetation areas. Using the spinner bait, you need to consider how you retrieve the bait from the water. For some bass fish, they latch very fast on fast moving baits while some will only get entice with baits that are moving slowly.

Lipless Crankbaits

There are lots of Florida bass fish that loves to breed around the hydrilla vegetation and since most hydrilla beds seem very large, searching for the bass can become a bit difficult. To work around this difficulty, you will need a lipless crankbait attached to the end of your line then you start casting and retrieving over the hydrilla including searching along the edges.

You can make a long cast to cover many areas of the water so you can find the specific spot the Florida bass fish is located.


Precision is needed to get the big Florida bass fish to hook unto your bait. The Florida water is home to thick vegetation and therefore anglers need to understand how to cast the bait correctly. One of the best lures to use in this type of case is the jig tipped with a plastic crayfish – this lure will bring out the bass from wherever they are hiding.

Cast the bait into areas that have heavy covers and expect the big fish to attack the bait. Bass in this territory know that food is scarce and they won’t waste much time going after preys that is presented on bait. So they are always on alert of new prey as soon as it stirs the water.

It’s advisable to use sturdy baitcasting equipment with heavy braided fishing line when using the jig as bait in areas that are of heavy vegetation.

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