Innovation in fishing vinyls, the latest trends in lures.

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Are you looking to buy the best fishing vinyls for your nest fishing trip? More and more brands are racking their brains trying to invent new fishing products, and although it seems impossible, improvements continue to emerge. We will try to explain these innovations, we will tell you about the improvements and especially those accessories that we can use to fish with vinyls.

One of the most worked fields lately by the manufacturers of sport fishing material has been the one of the densities of the vinyls, so that in the market there has been a migration towards the extremes; on the one hand we find that lures whose density is low triumph, being very soft and realistic, and very fragile.

On the other hand, we find that high-density lures, such as TPE plastic lures, are emerging for those anglers who need more durable lures. TPE is slightly stiffer, of course, but its durability is not at all comparable to that of conventional vinyls, so they are lures to be taken into account for certain types of fishing where shrimp damage the lures or when there are a large number of bites from toothy fish.

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The only disadvantage is that they cannot be joined with vinyls of another different material, because the TPE would melt, having to be very careful with its storage as for colors there is a very clear tendency towards the semi-translucent tones, of very attractive appearance for the fisherman (who is who buys them), they are very effective for certain species like the sea bass.

In this sense, lures made of layers have proliferated, with the last layer completely transparent, which usually gives a really nice and attractive finish, although this tends to make the final product quite expensive and can make it more vulnerable when it comes to fishing with them.

Types of production of fishing vinyls

fishing lure

The fishing with vinyls With regard to components of manufacture of the vinyls of fishing it is not new that salt or some organic complement is used to provide certain flavor to the lures although those of organic type have not triumphed too much in our country, at least until now, it is necessary to mention also to those that incorporate air in their interior.

These fishing tapes with air inside are due to two different reasons, such as compensating the weight of the tape to make it more buoyant (generally leaving it suspended when using a hook without sinker) and, on the other hand, trying to make the fishing tape visible on the echo sounder since the air chamber usually bounces the signal emitted from the boat.

This may seem of little consequence, but it is not at all when anglers try to place their lure right under patches of fish wandering in mid-water. These vinyls or lures are very much used by the brands that design products for pike and pike-perch fishing in the Baltic Sea, where fishing can be very similar to what we sometimes do in our seas, and I think that in general we are not fully exploiting the potential of these fishing vinyls with air inside them.

Different shapes of fishing scenarios

The evolution of lure shapes has been great during the last few years. We have gone from having just a few shapes very distant from reality, shapes designed for freshwater fishing (generally equipped with vibrating tails), to the present day, where completely realistic shapes, in 3D, are the most successful, having eaten much of the market the material designed specifically for the sea, with perfect imitations of shrimp, crabs, mullets or sardines.

Perhaps the soft swimbait type fishing lures or vinyls have been the last ones to make contact with the sea, and I still can’t say for sure if they will have a good acceptance, since fishermen are quite reluctant to freshwater novelties, unless the results are overwhelming and also “eye-catching”. The shapes of slug-type fishing tapes, elongated and without vibrating tails, are not new, far from it, although it is now when they are gaining strength in sea fishing.

Darting with vinyl fishing tapes

The discovery of darting fishing using vinyl fishing lures has been a revolution among thousands of sea anglers. We are not wrong when we say that many anglers have opted for carrying a lure of these characteristics knotted to their bass, and probably many of them using it with a sinker head for darting fishing.

The darting fishing technique basically consists of using special sinker heads, slightly flattened on the sides, to jerk fish, making the lure move from side to side, zigzagging, something that is very effective for certain fish and moments, being a relatively comfortable fishing when it is a little bit new.

Assist hooks and Off Set rigs

The jig hooks mounted as assist hooks, with braided line, have also been designed for fishing with vinyls, finding in the market for example the big fish stinger, which have a system to stick in the vinyls, but leaving the whole hook exposed to the outside.

Pike fishing gives us another kind of stingers but with trebles and metal strings, which are held even by small hooks when they are very long, and it is designed to fish fish fish that can bite from behind the very long lures, typical in saltwater with bluefish and barracuda.

Especially useful are the offset rigs, which try to emulate the Texas type hooks but with a wire, exposing a small treble hook at the bottom of the fishing tapes, which gives enough stability to the lure to fish without sinkers, with a high percentage of hooking, although they get hooked easily if there is dirt, algae and so on.

Fishing vinyls with sinker heads

The sinker heads have also undergone a substantial change in vinyl fishing during the last few years. Some years ago there was already a jig head model in the fishing stores, which perfectly matched the zero demands of fishing at that time. Nowadays we can see whole catalogs of vinyl fishing jig heads, with shapes, weights and hooks of all kinds. Tungsten is probably one of the most remarkable innovations, as it allows for much more weight on the same hook, although it has not been the only improvement.

The sinker heads for darting fishing are probably a field that will improve soon, as we consider that its incredible potential is not yet fully exploited, although there is already a product on the market for this purpose. We are seeing the appearance of sinker heads with rings or other systems for the use of assist or stenger type hooks, as well as hooks that are inserted in the sinker heads by means of articulated mounts, minimizing the escape of the fish…, undoubtedly, a world in constant evolution.

Rattles, markers and essences for lures

Fly fishing flies

There are a lot of ancillary elements for fishing lures, such as rattles, which are small pointed capsules that are stuck inside the lures and add noise to the lures. The markers allow to decorate the vinyls with a flavored ink, although if our real purpose is the latter, we have the essences that add flavors in the form of a sticky paste, being advisable to use lures with grooves, with relief, to facilitate the impregnation of the substances.

We also find interesting accessories in the various types of ballasts; These include nails or inserts, which add weight to the inside of the lure body, tungsten beans, which add weight to the hook on the outside of the lure, or the new cork systems, which are a kind of jig head without a hook, with a rigid spring to crimp the vinyl knotting to the sinker, the bass and a stiger with a treble hook that will stick in the vinyl or an assist with a big hook something very useful to fish fish fish that jump avoiding part of the unhooked ones when the sinker is looser.

You can also add spoon blades to the fishing vinyls to give more vibrations to the lures, something that can be useful in low visibility conditions. The world of vinyls is full of accessories that can provide a solution to the most imaginative and demanding mind of any angler.

Fishing Vinyls with anti-hooking system

One of the most interesting successes of fishing with vinyl is to be able to hide the hook in the lure, avoiding snags, without reducing the hooking capacity. This system was born in black bass fishing in the United States, becoming popular as Texas rigging, using hooks with a Z-shaped break near the eyelet, which leave all the hook’s curvature outside, leaving the point hidden in the vinyl.

This innovation that allowed Americans to cast their lures among submerged vegetation would be transferred years later to sea anglers, allowing them to cast their lures fearlessly on the rocks. For some time the most popular rigging was the Texas type with bullet sinkers, and even without ballast to fish without sinkers.

but the truth is that in the last two years this type of hooks has made an important leap in the market to be used also in sinker heads, something that is not new, but that have become very popular thanks to the successful irruption of the Black Minnow and a great multitude of brands with analogous models that are gaining presence in the market.

Special care should be taken when choosing the hooks, choosing them with wide curvatures, needing them to be especially wide when the lures are bulky. In that sense the hooks that fit the Black Minnow we could say that they are quite acceptable, but we must opt for others when we need wider hooks.

Giant fishing tapes

It is not that large vinyl lures are new, as I remember the pikies of many years ago, designed for pike, but nothing to do with the proliferation of giant vinyls of 300 and 400 grams that have spread in an amazing way in Northern Europe and the United States in the shadow of one of the largest predators of their seas, halibut or halibut, that species of giant sole (up to 300 kilos) that hunts in mid-water and is caught amazingly well with vinyls, but it has turned out that in the temperate and tropical seas of the rest of the world these lures are being used to hunt all kinds of groupers.

They are large lures, so it is common for fishermen to dress them with special assists that allow them to place a hook in a more delayed position, especially in halibut fishing, since this fish likes to attack lures by the tail, sometimes without taking them whole, very different from groupers, which completely gobble the samples thanks to their large mouths.

As far as fishing vinyls are concerned, the last thing that has been seen has been some cuttlefishes that imitated shrimp quite well, in TPE vinyl, there are also some beautiful shrimp imitations that combined the rigid plastic body with soft TPE legs, an excellent lure. Another trend that seems to be perceived is to hide the sinkers inside the vinyl, as well as the hooks, in any case, and despite always thinking that everything is already invented, the market continues to evolve as a result of the enormous competition between brands, which clearly benefits anglers, who increasingly find more variety and quality of lures at affordable prices.

Everything you need to know about Black Minnow vinyl lures

First of all, Black Minnow lures (vinyl + sinker heads + VMC hook) have been a revolution in the fishing world. They are the vinyls that have sold more in recent times in the US and for a reason, from France and backed by the brand Fiiish are the top vinyls today.

The great secret of the Black Minnow vinyls is their versatility, because of their wide variety of weights and shapes of their sinker heads, they cover all types of fishing, both in freshwater and saltwater.

Finally, the angler creates his unique and exclusive lures for him, always thinking about the fishing style he is going to develop, be it rockfishing, spinning in sea or river, jigging, boat or trolling. The Black Minnow vinyls meet the expectations of any angler and leave to his imagination the use of them.

The feel of the Black Minnow vinyl body is smooth and soft. This lure’s natural underwater movement and realistic colors make it a leader in its field. No species seems to resist this great lure. Its patented articulated head is undoubtedly another key to its success as it offers a more natural and dynamic swimming movement. It has pre-marked holes for a perfect mounting of the head and the hook.

The Black Minnow vinyls are composed of 3 main parts:

  • Plumbed heads
  • Body or vinyl
  • VMC hook

Let’s get to the point, we already know that Black Minnow vinyls are good, yes, but….

What are the parts of the black minnow vinyls?

types of fishing chair

Let’s start with its plumbed heads, and it is that these articulated and 100% patented heads are part of its great secret, at the moment there are 4 models and each one of them with different depth of action.
Black Minnow Shallow sinker head:

It was new in 2014, and it is ideal for fishing in areas with cover and shallow waters, its weight varies between 6 and 15 grs and its depth of action between 0.5 and 10 m. Ideal for spinning and light jigging fishing.

Black minnow shallow sinker head

Perfect for horizontal fishing from the shore or from boat or ship. Its use is based on slow speed retrieval above the bottom. Its weight varies between 3 and 60 gr and its depth of action between 0.2 and 15 m.

Black Minnow Off Shore sinker head:

For vertical and semi-vertical fishing. With this sinker the lure swims both in the descent and in the ascent. Ideal for fishing slowly dragging along the bottom. Its weights are between 6 and 120 grams and with a depth of action between 1 and 60 m.

Black Minnow Deep sinker head:

An ideal sinker head for 100% vertical fishing, in search of fish in big depths since its depth of action goes from 30 m onwards. Its weights are between 90 and 190 grams.

Black Minnow rigging step by step

Black Minnows have become so famous and popular among anglers all over the world not only for their quality, efficiency or that soft and natural touch that makes this lure so realistic, but also for its ease of rigging and changing it relatively quickly compared to other lures with the same characteristics.

When buying a Fiiish Blak Minnow we must take into account 3 important parts:

Depending on the depth at which we intend to fish, we will use one or the other.
The body or vinyl of the same, in different colors and lengths, makes the Black Minnow have a lot of possibilities to choose from.

  • Model Nº1 of 7 cm: suitable for SHORE 3 Grs sinker heads and OFF SHORE 6 Grs head.
  • Model Nº2 of 9 cm: suitable for SHORE 5 Grs sinker heads and OFF SHORE 10 Grs head.
  • Model Nº3 of 12 cm: suitable for SHORE 12 grs plumbed heads and 25 grs OFF SHORE head.
  • Model Nº4 of 14 cm: suitable for 40 grs OFF SHORE sinker heads.
  • Model Nº5 of 16 cm: suitable for SHORE 30 grs sinker heads and 60 grs OFF SHORE head.
  • Model Nº6 of 20 cm: suitable for 120 grams OFF SHORE sinker heads and 190 grams DEEP head.

The hook, of Texas type with a patented hooking system and very easy to use, with its point facing upwards remaining outside the body or we can choose to leave the hook “hidden” inside the body of the Black Minnow characteristic of bass fishing. To make the assembly of the Black Minnow, assembly of the vinyl with the sinker head and the Texas type Krog hook, just follow these simple steps.

Assembly of the body of the vinyl with the plumbed head:

Mounting the Black Minnow 1

  1. Insert the PH2S anchoring system of the head into the vinyl, presenting the plummer head downwards.
  2. Gently press down without forcing.
  3. Turn the plumbed head upwards until it is in position.
  4. At this moment, it is convenient to place a little glue between the head and the vinyl.

Setting the hook with the Black Minnow lure:

Mounting the Black Minnow 2

  1. To install the hook correctly, place it upside down in the PH2S attachment system.
  2. Pass the hook through the inside of the vinyl, so that the ring of the hook is hooked to the head.
  3. Once hooked, place the hook inside the vinyl, verifying that it is attached to the head.

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