Best Lures for Brook Trout

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Looking for the best lures for brook trout? Brook trout found in many cold, clear streams, lakes and rivers, is one of the favorite species of fish that is very easy to catch in most part of the United States. The trout remains a favorite catch from anglers using basic fly fishing gear. Just as they’re easy to catch, you also do not need to worry about what trout eat to catch them, you can use lightweight spinning tackle and homemade artificial fishing lures that you made yourself to catch a trout.

All you need is to walk into any fishing store and pick up a fishing rod, live bait or prepared baits and get started with your trout fishing. If your goal is to fish for brook trout, it’s essential to have some basic understanding of how to use the bait to your advantage. In this guide you will learn some of the best bait for brook trout that you should include in your fishing tackle box the next time you are fishing in the brook.

Live Bait

Earthworms, fish eggs, mayflies, grasshoppers, minnows etc. are few of some live bait that will attract a trout. It doesn’t matter the size of the hook, if it’s from size 6 to 14, these live baits will easily set on the hook. For larger brown trout, you might need to cast leeches in cold water where the breed during fall.

Prepared Lure

Prepared trout lure to hook brook trout. You can prepare these types of bait at home by yourself or you can buy from a brand you trust. The material used is usually doughy and it’s easily forms into small balls. The cheesy trout dough you made can include cereal, marshmallows, corn, etc. as part of the ingredient.

Artificial Lures

For brook trout, being choosy about what they eat is not part of their nature. They eat almost every lure you throw at them, so its easy to use artificial lures to catch them. If you like, you can use spinners, spoon lures and jigs to fish for brook trout as long as you are using a lightweight leader and the trout artificial lure is rightly presented to the fish.

You can identify these fishing lures by the way they look; for instance, spoon lures are pretty small and painted in gold or silver, while for a spinner, a Mepp, a blue fox or rooster tail will work better. On the other hand, the small jig is always painted in colorful patterns to attract brook trout.

Fly Fishing

The trout is definitely one of the games for fly fishing. They are easy to catch using different fishing lures as attraction. If you cast the right way, and your bait blends with the nature, you will get trout to hook on your lure. The best line for brook trout is the floating line.

Dry flies like the stimulator or the royal wullf including Adams and ant flies are good options if you are fishing in the stream. While for lake fishing you should consider having any one of these black ants, mosquitoes, caddis flies, grasshoppers. At times you may need to use wet lures or baits such as hare’s ear nymph, whooly bugger, or prince to attract trout that refused to feed on the surface.

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