Flies For Flyfishing – 10 ‘Trusted’ flies that fish in any water


In this article, we listed 10 flies for flyfishing we trusted when traveling to the beach for a fun fishing day. Flies of this option are effective regardless of the type of river and location, i.e. 10 “off road” flying. We chose 5 dry nymphs and 5 wet nymphs, some modern and some traditional but still provide good fishing results. The system does not mean any level of interest, you just have to choose them according to the strength of the trout we will try.


trusted flies

Traditional American flies, used by fishermen all over the world, are useful for all types of water. Large portions (12, 14, 16) we use it in water and like dry flies follow our nymphs when we fish in tandem. With a few hooks, it is an excellent fly for fishing on boards and soft water.

Adams Fly Tying Sheet

  • Parachute Hook: Hanak H130 BL Tying Thread: UNI 8/0 Gray
  • Fences: Indian Lion Rooster
  • Mallet Abdomen: Fly-rite dub N 26
  • Hackle: Grizzly Whiting Feather
  • Wings: Grizzly Feather


Fly fishing flies

Maybe the most commonly used dry fly in competitive fishing worlds in recent years and have had unbeatable results. Created 25 years ago by Patxi Urruzuno (then assembled only on dubbing at the CDC), remodeled and finished with new material. Can be used in large sizes (16.18) for fishing when running at a young age, it can be used on boards and complex trout.

U22 Dry Fly Mounting Sheet

  • Hook: 2200 BL
  • Setting line: Semperfli 18/0 Olive
  • Fences: Dubbing Fly Rite No. 34
  • Abdomen: Quill Quill Polish quill olive
  • Chest-Wing Bag: Dubbing squirrel SLF Dark Olive
  • Wings: Natural Wild Dry CDC

U25 nymph


has a unique style made almost 30 years ago by Aitor Urruzuno, this model was born with the desire to imitate nymph but it floats (so he has a palm), with which you can hold. any kind of water even with no water. Due to its small size, this fly reduces soap. The foam is good and the best results.

  • Fly Mounting Tab u25:
  • Hook:Hens 323 BL
  • Thread: Benecchi 12/0 olive
  • Fences: Mallet or Indian fibets Hens half gray or Hens fibets half gray
  • belly and chest: Superfin dub Hens olive
  • Hackle: Metz half dun
  • Wings: Natural Wild CDC



Fly made by renowned Swiss fisherman Marc Petit Jean. It is used in the surrounding rivers for good results. We can paint it in different colors, although the most popular is red. Equipped with a large hook (12.14) it will be used to “lift” the fish out of the well or deep water and in small versions it is a good fly for any kind of weak water.

Fly Barons Hook:

  • Hanak H130 BL
  • Binding Fence: UNI 8/0 Brown:
  • Fibets Hends Gray Medium
  • Abdomen: CDC Polished, CDC Ginger
  • Thorax: Dubbing Fly Rite same color as CDC
  • Wings: Natural Wild

CDC U71 – U72 Emerging

flyfishing flies

Urruzuno designed this primer for fishing in soft water with a strong, very effective fly and dry trout. By using it, we would cover the CDC pen with water, in this way, other flies would be underwater.

U71 – U72 hook hook:

  • Hends 404 BL
  • Tying thread: UTC Exhubia beige
  • thread: Dubbing antron 106
  • Abdomen: Microtubing Olive, yellow
  • Hackle: Gray Metz Pen

Chest: Dubbing SLF natural

fox feather: NATURAL WILD CDC GONs pedina gas This model has been one of the most used by competitors in recent years. It is effective on all types of trout. Hook: Hanak H130 BL Rig Row: Semperfli 120 Fnces: Indian lion mallet Abdomen: Krystal Flash 233, pearl back 233, ribbed band 233 Balls: Tungsten Plus silver balls or copper BM PERDIGON FALANGIST blog perhapsita one. pellets are the easiest to assemble and also one of the most effective. Plate plate for phalangist shooting hook: Tiemco TMC 100SP-BL Rigging thread: Semperfli 12/0 Enclosures: Mazo de gallo de León rubión Abdomen: Glo-Brite 04 and 05, cover the sides with the rod Nº30 Ball: gold leaf or tungsten copper. Pheasant Tail Pheasant Tail Blog The nymph history used by our ancestors is still a good choice for river fly fishing where fish see different types of sinkers on a daily basis. It can be applied in natural colors or dark brown, which is also very effective. This fly admits luminosity in its wing pockets as well as the possibility of attaching a tungsten ball. Pheasant Tail Fly Tying Sheet Hook: Hanak H130 BL Rig Thread: UNI 8/0 Brown Wall: Pheasant Feather Abdomen: Poped Pheasant Feather with Copper Metal Tinsel Chest: Peacock Ball Herl: Brass Sphere Gold – Copper or Tungsten Sphere Gold – Copper U59 Tric nymphe u59 blog urruzuno Trichoptera emerges from overweight and JIG hook type. By designing it unobtrusively, we can transfer this set to a sinker to reach the bottom of the liquid where the back is when there is little work and thanks to its JIG hook, they can be attached or wrapped for a short time. This type of mountain is used by fishermen from all over Europe. Foil lure U59 – Trico nymph Hook: Hanak H400 Jig Row: UNI 8/0 Camel Side Wings and Wings: Medallion Brown and Brown Lion Fiber mallet Abdomen: Dubbing Antron 094 Cream Cahill Thorax-Sac Wing: Dubbing SLF Natural Fox squirrel Legs: natural . CDC plus tungsten ball: gold tungsten ball plus PERDIGON QUILL GREEN perdigon quill green deburred pellet for fishing where ephemeral nymphs abound, sensible and discreet for complex fishing. Green shank razor hook: Devaux 103 BL Casting line: UNI 8/0 Olive Fences: Indian lion mallet year: Deburred shank Polished olive shank breast: copper covered top with black color Sphere and tungsten plus: Brown tungsten plus sphere – ce-fish Granulated balls down and coming out of the dry nymphs My account My chat Login Use your password? Setting history Help customers localization Google Maps Urruzuno meet us! Site Map Services Repairs for navigating a guide Purchase general location Payment method and transfer status of the system restores personal database license.

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