The best fishing flies and their setups


Are you looking for the best fishing flies and their setups? In this short guide, you will read details about the types of fishing flies that works. It goes without saying that all forms of fly fishing are unique to say the least. Fly fishing have hundreds of patterns of different types of flies imitating insects living in rivers, streams, canals, swamps and lakes. I often devoted myself to fishing. So, I tested some types of fish and used it for sailing, some are already old, yes 100% effective, I know them very well, I do not know if they use this type of fish. I will never use them again.

I share with you the different parts that make these flies, that does not mean that you have to make them exactly like this, special touch, it is homemade and handmade. I hope I can help you start your fly on the road.

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dry fly vs wet fly

Gummy flies imitating immature insects. The name derives especially from the nest of an immature insect called a nymph, and it imitates an insect while still alive in the water, then, when it matures, it becomes an adult and start flying, and it is ours going to see naturally able to do Imitate dry flies.

Growing flies are water-eating flies, imitating the transition from red to dry flies. That is, the transition from the nymph that lives on the bottom of the river to the adult that lives on the water. These flies usually have a soft feathers that, as the flies rise in the water column, imitate the emerging insects.


One of the most common sea insects has over 3,000 species worldwide, Ephemeroptera (Ephemeroptera), commonly known as Ephemeroptera or Ephemeroptera, is actually a large fish. Some fishing days it may not be seen, but when the trout are hungry for these insects, we can get endless weeds.


Caddisflies is an icon that should not be missed on any fishing app and these allow us to combine them in hundreds of different ways, with thousands of objects and different types of different editions, hence the nature of the superheated. thanks to the use of a fly swatter.


These are an insect found in all rivers, and are found almost all year round, since their daily activities are endless. They are known as one of the most popular trout monsters.


These insects of the Plecoptera series, also known as Plecoptera, are strongholds of prehistoric times, known for their rugged mountain range with small rocks or gravel plaques. see them in streams passing through rocky ground.


Diptera is a variety of insect species and species. Its scientific name Dipteron tells us its basic characteristics, they have only one wing path, which is forward. The posterior wing is reduced to an oscillating mechanism (halateria). His lifestyle is perfect.

Flying Streamer

When we refer to swimmers, we are talking about fly flies, it mimics the transition from nymph to dry flies. That was his way from the nymph living on the bottom of the river to an adult living on the water. These flies usually have repulsive feathers around their necks, which, as the flies move along the water’s edge, produce an imitation of insects. This type of foam is ideal for barbel fishing, it is high, its assembly is simple, quick to make and inexpensive, there are no strict rules on the materials to be used, size or color to use . use. Only barbel and foam foam like all the others, floating well, like insects and making noise when it falls into the water because of the foam and its weight, is usually higher than of the fingers. classic dry fly.

A few examples of fly flies have emerged for use in slow-moving areas with soft flies. The turned parachute will sink into the entire body, giving us exactly what we want. This style can also change and harden with shades of green, beige and yellow (flesh). It is the peak season from March to August. Involvement is important at all times.

How to use flies when fishing?

When dry flies are barking, the natural appearance of flies poses a great challenge. It is to draw a straight line. Fortunately, we have the perfect equipment to eliminate or at least minimize the negative effects. In some parts of Spain, waterlogging, also known as “scraping surface”, reveals that lines and curves are formed when they do not move at the same speed of the ocean. In either case, the fly floated to the top, but the fisherman was in a stable position and the line could not accommodate these differences.

The bottom line is that natural insects go at the same speed and always experience the same effects in anticipation of the desired impact on the real world. What decoration? Fixing is an essential casting technique for any plumber. You will have to work the flow from the side.

It involves creating a linear cam in the direction of the current. This takes advantage of the opportunity all the way until it turns (the cam is in the current direction), where a dramatic skew begins to occur. The movement of the axis creates a “maintenance” is very simple, we will just rotate the axis itself. It’s like playing.

Using this example, the definition of “support” would be more understandable. It turns out that it is not necessary to remember that the principle on which we must rely to avoid drawing is that the line absorbs the movement. In other words, there must be a higher line than the destination.

Casting (single, serpentine, zigzag, etc.) of zigzags by water, fishing side by side (which happens in “Mendigs”) also eliminates trolling downstream. When climbing, it is necessary to change the side of the rod (lift as you reach the blade) in rows. A good advice for the first step of a beautician is to understand light as the pen we use to paint our drawings. A look at the movements of the cane (sometimes just a display) can give you an idea of ​​the possible controls in practice.

The fun world of adult invertebrates is more complex than we can imagine. There are nymphs coming up and thundering against the current one, other trailers, there are jet swimmers and even trailers … But what is not always normal for trout, is for adult insects, which are “swimming” against now. It is not natural for him to be rejected. If we add to the suspicious turmoil created by the brand, we are facing the worst dredger.

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