4 Tips For Fishing Barbel In Winter


Looking for the best places to fish barbel in winter? Winter is the best time to lure barbel and perhaps, together with pikes, it is one of the fish that most look for food when weather temperatures drop or plummet. That’s why in this guide, we offer you some very useful tips for fishing for barbel in winter, so don’t miss them!

Natural always wins

All fish naturally look for the food that nature provides, with the barbel there is no difference, since it is a fish that likes to eat from the water floor everything that provides it with the necessary nutrients for its development and growth.

Worms, crickets, hoppers… are some of the baits that can give us a good clue to put on our hooks. Nor can we lose sight of what for many years has begun to be in disuse, these baits are: cheese, bread, potato, corn and chickpea.

Boilies and pellets, a safe value

In relation to the previous advice, what we should look for are those baits that have, if possible, the base of what the barbel identifies as natural food, that is why boilies of worm, worm, krill… are a very favorable point to be successful.

The same happens with the pellet, the only thing is that it is mainly made with fishmeal, although there are many brands that already incorporate a film with appetite and flavor enhancing flours that make this bait a succulent bait for barbel.

Make a maggot clip and see the results!

This rig is used for carpfishing and its assembly is very simple. The material to be used can be bought in any specialized fishing store. You just have to tell the owner that you want a pack of maggot clips and he will know what you want. The attachment to the hook is very simple and a simple knot without knot tied to the maggot clip will be more than enough.

This rig has the particularity of being able to connect worms and maggots in a natural way, giving our rig an irresistible aspect to the barbel.

I usually do it with worm or asticot, using a mesh or pva bag with dehydrated worm of the Innobaits brand. At present it is the brand that bets for natural baits, it has flours, liquids, boilies, stick mix, pellets, asticot, worms… and an endless number of baits for fishing in general.

Wherever there is current or torrents, they are there.

It is well known that barbel love the stretches or riverbeds with current, even more so now with the heavy snowfalls we have had in our country. Look for them there, for sure they will not be far away.

One more piece of advice I would like to give you, now the water is very low and the barbel do not have the strength they show in spring, so you should go a few meters downstream.

There they will be waiting for the food that the stream brings them or that we give them. Throw a few grains of asticot with a shooter, or use a typical feeder bait and the barbel will go crazy.

To make the worms more compact on the bait, you should glue them with special fishing glue, you can even make small balls to be able to throw them with the shooter and thus be able to reach the areas you want.


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