5 Deepest Lakes in the United States for Trout Fishing

deepest lake

Searching for the deepest lakes in the United States? There’s nothing as fascinating and exciting as when you are starring into a blue stretch of a huge, primordial lake and thinking to yourself what lies deep inside the belly of the lake. Would a shark pop out from anywhere and turn your boat upside down? What fishing rod will catch the biggest trout? Etc. If you are an angler and you are looking for the deepest lakes that hold many fish of different species all in one stretch, The lakes in the United States can boast of different species of fish.

The deepest lakes in US (some) were created naturally while there came as a result of remnants from the ice age thousands of years ago and others created by glaciers or volcanoes. Whichever is the case, the US holds the record as the country that has one of the deepest lakes in the world where professional anglers can fish for any type of fish available.

There are different states in the US with its own man-made or natural lakes. From Lake Superior bordering USA and Canada to lake Tahoe in California, these water filled inland basins provide a home for thousands of sea species and offer a way of life for people to practice fishing.

These lakes vary in surface area and depth and they have specific species of fish that is very dominant from one lake to another. In this guide, we will explain the five deepest lakes in US, some exciting facts about these lakes and what types of fish specie are common to these lakes – so you know what fishing bag and tackle to bring along when fishing the next time.

Interesting facts about these list you are about to read:

  • The list is made up of both natural and man made lakes
  • Not all the lakes in the states are fully covered.
  • Many of the deepest man-made lakes are reservoirs while others are mine pits

Deepest lakes to fish for trout in US

Crater Lake (Oregon)

lake crater

The Crater lake is one of the deepest there is in the United State. The lake is located in the state of Oregon and it’s a natural lake that has been a part of the fishing culture for most people. This lake ranked 4th in the world by average depth, and it was formed when a dormant volcano (Mt. Mazama) erupted around 7700 years ago. Today, the Crater lake in Oregon has a national park to its name because of its spectacular formation.

What fish are common in Crater lake?

There is no known fact that the Crater lake ever hold native fish but between 1888 and 1941, the local authority stocked the lake with different species of fish. Today, there are only two left that survived. It is currently projected that the lake house over 60,000 kokanee salmon (landlocked sockeye salmon, and Oncorhynchus nerka) and rainbow trout.

Lake Tahoe

lake tohoe

The lake Tahoe is a natural lake that borders California and Nevada. And is the second deepest lake in United States. The Tahoe lake is the largest alpine lake i.e an high elevation lake in the whole of North America. The lake belongs to all and include all fishing activities. This is because the forested land is predominantly public land. Lake Tahoe is the 5th in the world for mean depth of 1645 feet deep just behind Crater lake.

What fish are common in Tahoe lake?

There are different species of fish in lake Tahoe. From the smallest fish that frequent the shallow waters like bass, crappie, catfish, whitefish. And there are trophy fish in the lake as well like the rainbow trout, the brown trout, the kokanee salmon. These fish are not native to Tahoe lake. But transplants that have survived the lake and have increased in numbers over the years.

 Lake Chelan

lake oreille

Washington also has its big share of fishing activities in Lake Chelan – natural glacier made lake. The Chelan lake is over 50 miles long and its deepest region falls near the town of Chelan. Regardless of its location in the Cascade mountains, the lake is 33,000-acres having 110 miles of shoreline making it an ideal fishing location for many anglers in the region. You also enjoy campgrounds along the shorelines with access to fishing activities including boating for fishing. Chelan lake is about 1486 feet deep below sea level.

Fish to fish in lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is home to over 100,000 cutthroat and about 500,000 kokanee salmon every year. Which is why professional anglers visits this lake over and over. Cutthroat and kokanee are the most common fish in this lake. But rainbow trout, largemouth bass, crappie and bluegills also make up the population of fish in lake Chelan.

Lake Superior

lake superior fishing

This lake stand out among the other lakes in the US as its adjudged the largest freshwater lake In the world (by surface area). This freshwater lake is on the northern edge of Wisconsin, stretching to the upper peninsula of Michigan to Ontario Canada. It also extends west to the eastern edge of Minnesota. But, the depth of the lake put it on the fourth place as the deepest lake in US and the 36th in the world. The lake boast of clear water, having an average underwater visibility of 27 feet (8.2m) and Its depth is 1332 feet deep. According to University of Wisconsin, it took almost 200 years for the lake to refill with new water.

Fish species common in lake superior

This lake is home to a large numbers of different fish species. Including the lake trout, northern pike, walleye, and much more. The most common and sort after fish in lake Superior remain the coho salmon and lake trout. Yet, certain seasons makes the king salmon, walleye and muskellunge the target fish by anglers.

Lake Pend Oreille

deepest lake

This is Idaho’s most significant lake and it’s the state largest of them all. Its at 1,150 feet deep making it the fifth deepest lake in US.

Pend Oreille lake is quite beautiful with terrific scenery. Its clean water, big fish offers anglers lots of fishing activities in and around its shores. Also rumor has it that the US navy once tested a submarine at lake Pend Oreille and lost it in the deep water.

Fish Type in Pend Oreille Lake

Formed by glacier and encircled by deep green mountain peaks, Pend Oreille lake is a renowned fishing mecca. This is where anglers can try for varieties of fish like Kamloops rainbow trout, lake trout, kokanee salmon. In winter the lake shallow areas are favorite for ice fishing. And fish like bullhead (catfish), perch, small and largemouth bass, whitefish, suckers and so much more are always in plenty.


There you have it, the deepest lakes is in the United States that offers anglers ample opportunity to practice their trade. Whether you are in Oregon or Washington, Wisconsin or Idaho, the US has the lakes and the fish that will make anglers jump in their boat to fish any time of the season.

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