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Are you looking for the right cover for fishing rods? This guide helps you choose what you need for your fishing rod. If the fishing rod is a fundamental element among our acquisitions as fans of sport fishing, we must take care of it with care so that it lasts a long time. For this reason, we must take care that the cover we choose to protect and store it is the most appropriate and the most convenient for our fishing rod. It is important that it is good for storage and that, in addition, it serves as a totally safe method of transport, so that our device does not suffer any type of damage.

The cover will be the element that we will use to transport the rod, both between fishing points and from our house to the place where we are going to spend the day of work. That is why it is important that we distinguish between the types of covers for fishing rods that exist in the market and the difference between each of these, to be able to choose the one that seems safest and most appropriate to our needs.

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They can be purchased with or without a tripod, the only difference between them is that they can be supported vertically to make the transport easier and also place it at the fishing point to use different rods with ease. The positive thing about those with a tripod is that they are usually doubly reinforced so that they remain straight and, if at any time they slip, the rod does not suffer any damage.

Some models also have more reinforced handles or a side pocket that can be used to store some things necessary for fishing. In any case, these covers are always thermotractile. They are used for all reeds, but especially for jigging, feeder, English and Bolognese. Generally, they usually have a double zipper opening and in some cases the reeds can be placed even with the reel mounted.

Flexible fishing rod covers

Flexible cover for fishing rodsThis type of covers is usually designed in fabric and, to fit completely, they carry sections of stronger fabric, with the ability to grip the rod better. Like the rigid covers, the designs are very diverse, with many colors and different handles. Some models have lateral reinforcement and external compartments in which supports can be placed.

The most important detail to keep in mind about these covers for fishing rods is that, because they are not rigid to support the weight completely, they bring extra-strong zippers, whose quality means that they can not be opened easily and thus maintain a high level of protection. They also usually wear Velcro closures so that the zippers do not open, not even a small space.

In some large models you can store even more than one rod, without having to worry about them being damaged due to friction, since they carry different separate interior compartments. This is a potion if fishing is practiced as a family.

Individual fishing rod covers

These types are the ones with a more affordable price, ideal for novice fishermen who still do not know if they will continue with the practice. They are specially designed for each type of rod, so at the time they are going to be chosen, the type of fishing that is going to be developed must be reviewed.

Most of the models have a security lock made of Velcro and, in addition, have different compartments that can be used by the fisherman to store other tools necessary for his day.

How to choose the best reed cover at a good price?

The choice of reed holder is tremendously important. But to choose the model that can best come to us we must take into account some very important characteristics.

First of all, we must know the type of fishing we are going to do, since it is not the same to do it from a boat, where our rod will be larger, than to do it from the shore. This will determine the rod to use and it will be from there that we will start with our choice for its cover.

In addition, the best known fishing poles are those that serve to transport the rods during competitions or journeys. These are special and each fisherman must choose the one that meets their needs. There are tilting, folding, vertical, pomp fixing canisters…

Another very important fact is the money or budget you have to acquire the cane holder, since there are some models of stainless material and very good quality that can be purchased for an amount less than 30 euros. But there are also models less accessible in price, but made of materials lighter in weight and beautiful in design. For this reason, we must especially consider the relationship between its characteristics and with the price and decide whether to sacrifice ourselves in weight and material quality or in euros.

Finally, you must also decide if you are interested in having a folding canister, which you can pick up when you are not using and orient it at the angle you need so that your fishing is as satisfactory as possible in each day.

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