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Are you lookig for the best bamboo fishing rods? The article that I bring you today, fills me with great emotion to write it, because the bamboo fishing rod, was one of my first articles or fishing accessories, when I was starting in this fishing art. Therefore, I want to explain some very useful tips when it comes to finding a rod made of bamboo to develop cork fishing in the rivers and lakes of your area. It is worth noting that this fishing technique is only effective in river fishing or freshwater, without ruling out that you can try something in the marine part, but the results will not be the same.

Fishing with bamboo rods

Things to keep in mind when making your bamboo fishing rod

The first thing you should find out is that the bamboo tree from where you are going to cut the cane, is in perfect health conditions, that is, that it does not present visual wear and tear of deterioration in the plant.

The approximate length that you must cut the cane, is approximately 2 meters. If you want longer you can do it, everything will depend, what is the distance you need, so that your bait falls in the fishing area you chose. If the distance is close, you can cut the fishing rod of about a meter and a half, and if the distance is longer, you can cut it about 3 meters, always taking care that the grip of the handle is comfortable and does not tire your arm much in the repeated lances.

After cutting the bamboo cane, you have to let it dry alone, at least 4 days, or until you notice that it has dried completely. When drying, bamboo loses a lot of weight, and goes from the natural greenish color, to a brown color; this will be very useful for you, because you will be able to hold the fishing rod in your hand for much longer.

The cane must have been dry, brown, and with a certain arched shape, in this way, you will feel the bites better and you can get your catches out of the water much more easily.

If at the tip of the rod, where you are going to place your fishing line, there is some irregularity, you can sand it with a fine sandpaper, so that there is no friction with the thread, and thus avoid losing catches due to the breakage of this.
Never place fishing line larger than 15 lbs on your fishing rod made of bamboo.

You should use a lead of small size, to help the bait to reach the bottom, but without interfering with sinking the buoy you placed.

The thickness of the bamboo fishing rod should not be very thick, and unlike conventional fishing rods, the bamboo one, it should have a certain rigidity to achieve greater effectiveness of catches.

I hope I have contributed another grain of sand in your repertoire as a fisherman. Remember that the bamboo fishing rod is easy to use, you can make them yourself (you save money), and if you use them well, you can achieve a lot of catches in rivers and lakes. In addition, these can be an excellent option for children who begin to practice the sport of fishing.

Are bamboo fishing rods effective for fly fishing?


fishing rods made of bamboo for fly and cork technique, are very popular due to the construction 100% of natural bamboo with the necessary metal reinforcements. The natural curve of bamboo makes it ideal for catching fish and for this reason, these rods are considered an alternative to the already known graphite or carbon fishing rods. However, the main reason why they are not used as often, is that they are very expensive to manufacture considering the detailed work that is required in their construction process.

This type of fishing material must be carefully used, after a day of fishing they must be stored in a dry place until they are completely free of moisture. Although this type of fishing rod is very light, good catches of large fish can be achieved especially in the fly fishing technique.

Many years ago, our ancestors developed very deeply this style of fishing with rods made with this natural material, due to the good handling of these. Nowadays they can be done in the same way as our ancestors, in my case, from time to time to do cork fishing I use a rod of this type that some time ago I cut in the vicinity of a nearby river.

Now, as is logical, the professional manufacturing by leading industries in the development of this type of bamboo canes, are much more effective, but also more expensive, and sometimes they are a little far from our economic possibilities; but if you can access any of these, I recommend them because they are very effective especially for cork fishing in rivers and lakes.

Which lengths are most effective?

Due to how light these reeds are, you can stay with them in your hand for several hours without getting tired. For many fishermen it is much more feasible to have one of 4 or 5 meters long when they go to fish for tilapias with cork for example.

First of all you can place the bait exactly where you want without any problem, and the second and very effective by the way, is that you can make the hauls without the slightest noise when they fall into the water, thus managing to maintain catches of good size to many ariscan species that inhabit these places such as trout, that at the slightest movement they flee in terror.

For your knowledge, I tell you that to make a bamboo fishing rod it can take more than 100 hours in labor from the time the bamboo is cut until the finished product comes out; since professional manufacturing has quite detailed finishes; that is why the cost of them is usually a little higher than normal.

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