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Are you looking for the best saltwater baitcasting reel for your next fishing expenditure? If you are an experienced angler, understanding what is needed from a good reel becomes much easier. However, what if this is your first time going to the open sea for fishing? How will you determine the best baitcasting reel that will do the job of getting you the best catch when fishing? In this guide, we will give you in-depth analyses of the best baitcasters that anglers have used and trusted for many years. This will include the bestselling reels for your money.

If you are excited like I am in knowing what it’s like to have the best reel for saltwater fishing, then sit back and read through this awesome guide so you know what to look out for when buying saltwater baitcasting reel in bait shop.

If you have never been to the sea to fish, remember the saltwater is a different place entirely from the ponds and the lakes you are used to fishing for trout. You will need stronger reels to make good impression on the fish. So in your gear, you will need bigger reel, thicker lines and a complete cutting-edge drag method than the conventional freshwater reel. This is the reason you need to invest more on these types of baitcasting reels as they comes a bit expensive but not to the extent of setting you back that much.

Below we listed some features to look out for in our best baitcasting reels for saltwater fishing. We also included some helpful tips and techniques to shop for saltwater baitcasters including answers to some of the frequently asked questions by non-pro saltwater anglers.

Best baitcasting reel for saltwater fishing

Shimano – Editor’s #1 Choice for Inshore Fishing

If you are looking for one of the reels with the smoothest drag on the market, the Shimano reels is pretty much what you are looking for. Any experienced angler who have spent considerable amount of time casting in the sea will agree that this fishing reel happens to be one of their favorite because of its stability and smoothness.

This fishing reel is quite in the upper realm compared to the much popular Shimano Green Bantam which still is one of the favorite of all time. The Curado is specially made to reflect the brands model on quality and its very easy to use and care for and also happens to be in the upper priced level than most fishig reels on the market.

While some anglers have confessed that the Shimano Curado is much like the Abu Garcia Revo STX, however, after close examination and use, the curado still remains the best based on its smoothness and stability.


  • The drag is super smooth
  • Price is prfect for level of quality


  • Might need regular lubrication to prevent rust.

Abu Garcia REVO STX – Best low gear ratio

With a drag power of 20lb the Abu Garcia REVO STX still remains a favorite fishing reel for professional anglers looking to make good impression with their reel in the sea. Because its specially made with cutting edge dual braking system it is perhaps one of the best baicasters that ruled the fishing rod market for a long time.

The centrifugal and magnetic dual braking technology set this model apart from its competitors and the good side to all is that the Abu Garcia REVO STX is super light which is one feature professional anglers look out for when looking for the best baitcasting reel for saltwater.

If you have to take away the fussy brakes and the activation issues that long fingered users had when using this tool, it still will be paired to the top model baitcasting reel on the market. Compared to other fishing rod, this one is far off better for shore casting and lake fishing.

If you are a bit intimidated with how to activate Abu Garcia REVO STX braking system for successful sea fishing, you can hop online and watch Youtube videos explaining how to work on the brakes and master it with a little bit of practice.


  • It comes with both left and right handed models
  • It comes extra lightweight


  • Takes time for new users to work the brake system

KastKing Royale Baitcaster Reel – Best low end budget-level

If you are new to sea fishing and you’re looking for a baitcasting reel that is specially designed for people who are just getting into the sport, KasKing Royal is definitely a fishing reel to try. Made popular by its price value, KasKing Royal is a strong reel that can work as good as many high priced fishing rod. This is why fishing enthusiast of all make and model will be glad to have this reel in their hand.

For top quality tournament-ready baitcasting reel with low-end budget-level entry, KasKing bait caster has you covered. You don’t need to spend five hundred or close to four hundred dollars to have a quality fishing rod that you don’t know how to use. KasKing baitcaster is cheap but the quality is top-notch including its dual breaking technology and it will serve most experience users for the purpose of what they really need it for.

Here are other features of KasKing fishing reel to look out for in your next shopping:


  • One of the best for budget level saltwater baitcasting fishing reel
  • Pretty easy to use by all fishing enthusiasts


  • Its durability is not close to more expensive reels like Shimano

Piscifun Phantom Baitcaster Reel – Ultralight Baitcast Fishing Reel

If you are the type that wont compromise for anything than ultrlight baitcasting fishing reels, the Piscifun Phantom is definitely a rod to try. Its super impressive components like the 0-10 magnetic brake and the 6 pin centrifugal brake construction all make this salt water bait caster the best ultra lightweight fishing reel in its category.

Apart from its brake technology comparable as KasKing Or Aby Garcia, Piscifun Phantom integrated star drag technology is of aluminum make which is where it got its ‘ultralight’ description. In all, this super comfy baitcaster comes with super sturdy carbon handle and high-density EVA foam grip.

On a budget level the Piscifun Phantom go head to head with KasKing Royal but with just some few bucks difference however, Piscifun Phantom is way more quality than any baitcasting reel for saltwater fishing in its same price category.


  • Quite sturdy for a baitcasting reel of its weight.
  • Has a braking technology as advanced as most high end brands


  • More backlash when used with heavy jig

What Anglers Need When Shopping For Saltwater Reels

Baitcasting in the saltwater for big fish capabilities is a lot more fun when you have the right gear at hand. Catching stripers, tog, fluke, tarpon, muskies etc. with live baits or mass lures and jigs can redefine what anglers should look out for in any fishing reel. Here are some helpful tips and features that make the best saltwater baitcasting reels on the market.

Line Capacity

Its no doubt that longer lines are indeed necessary for deeper water. The more line your reel can release to bring in a fish, the more success you have when you fish for large species in saltwater. This is the reason salt water fishing requires longer rods – longer than what you will need for lake or river fishing.

This is also the reason why seawater baitcasting rod is heavier, larger in size and comes with a bit more technicalities than smaller reels. However, if you consider the amount of line these longer reels can release at a time, you will discover that it is more than worth it.

For baitcasting reels on salt water you can use both low and round profile reels.

Drag Technology

The best drag system on a reel is one that will not place too much stress on the line when releasing the line. This is very important feature a reel should possess especially when you have to tackle a big fish in the sea. To prevent your line from breaking, you will need a steadfast method to retrieve the tension.

The best baitcasting reels are ones that are specially design with instantaneous line adjuster which can be done by turning a knob on the reel. This makes it possible for users to make immediate decision on the line to release to capture the fish.

However, there are diverge opinion on how loud a reel should sound when releasing line. To some anglers, the louder the sound of the reel, the better for them to quickly know how much line is going out. While some will rather opt for a much silent bait casting reel just to avoid the noise.

Gear Ratio

The gear ration is one important factor to consider when deciding to invest in a baitcasting reel for saltwater. The gear ratio helps you determine the type of fish to look out for as it helps you understand how the reel will perform when used for fishing in saltwater.

What this means is that the gear ration tells you the measure of a line at each complete turn of the reels handle. For a low gear ratio, you should expect less line per turn while a high gear ration will produce more line per turn. Reels designed for high gear ratio like Shimano with 8:1 ratio helps anglers to bring in more line in a short time frame which is what you will need when you are battling with the big fish in the sea.

This is exactly what you should look for if you are fishing for big games.

You can use reels with smaller gear ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 in freshwater. But they are not suitable for saltwater baitcasting fishing. The smallest baicaster you can take to sea should be around 6:1 ratio.

low profile baitcasting reel vs. round profile baitcasting reel

Low Profile Baitcaster Reels are for fishermen who like to have a bit more control over their bait lines. These reels are for smaller species of fish, like those that you would find when fishing off the shore or a pier.

For anglers who love to fish off the shore and who prefer more flexibility over their bait line for smaller fish, the low baitcasting reel are designed for these sort of people. While for anglers with desire to fish in saltwater for much larger fish, round profile baitcasting  reels is for them. The round profile baitcaster offers more control for larger fish tackling and they comes with much greater line capacity. This is the reason many anglers prefer them for offshore saltwater fishing.

Conclusion: Our Best Baitcasting Reel for Saltwater Fishing

Shopping for the best bait casting reels has never been easy. Even for professional fishermen, deciding on what saltwater baitcasting reel to opt for always seems like an herculean task considering the features that most of these fishing brands included when making the reel. However, for anglers this is a task that they must all face someday and therefore it is essential to find a baitcasting reel that Is sturdy and flexible to use on saltwater.

The best saltwater reel that is packed full of useful features and wont cut holes in your pocket is KasKing Royal. In terms of cutting edge performance, ultralight weight, a friendly price level, this should definitely be it. And for anything that will surpass KasKing in all its feature, you should be ready to dole out $500+ and then don’t expect too much from such when you fully put them to use.

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