Best Fishing Baits for Bream?

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Looking for the best fishing baits for bream? There are more than a dozen species of fish that falls under the category of beam. Rock bass, bluegill, shell cracker or warmouths are few of these species. The beam fish is quite easy to catch and this is one fish that kids easily get excited about when fishing.

Beams are a bit smaller species but they are veracious little animals and will attack any prey of tiny status that is within their territory. This is why they are easy to catch because once hooked, they don’t give up easily without a fight for their life especially when you are using an ultra-light line for fishing.

Best homemade bream baits

Here are some baits for beams…

Worms and nightcrawlers fishing baits for bream

Worms remain the favorite choice for all anglers looking to catch the beam. These include worms you find in your backyard or the medium sized red wigglers sold in bait shops or the large night crawlers typically available using the flashlight in your backyard. Because of the mouth size of beams (smaller predators – bluegills, shell crackers) you need to cut the worms in tiny pieces and present it to the fish.

Grubs, Maggots, Caterpillars

There are other wormlike creatures that you can use to attract the beam fish. These are wax worms, caterpillars, mealworms or catalpa worms. These worms are as good as any other worms to bait beams. Baits like maggots and beetle grubs are also good bait to make the beam come latching on the bait. You can find all these types of bait in bait shops and pet stores where you can easily get them in large stock for fish.


Beams will go after any living creature that falls in the water and within its feeding range. If the bait creature is small enough to swallow, it’s a good target for the beam because they are very optimistic feeders. This is why anglers will hook up a grasshopper, cricket, mealworm beetle, or just about any type of insect that can easily fit a hook to entice a beam fish. You can also go to a bait shop to buy some of these insects if you think these are the ones that will serve you the most.

Aquatic Species

The main sources of food for beam is the aquatic animals like the snails, shrimps, leeches and other aquatic invertebrate living in the water. These are excellent sources of food that the beam rely on in most cases as food. They are easily available around the fishing areas, this makes it look natural when they are used as bait inside the water. However, for large species of beam, enticing them with small minnows can work the trick also.

Non-Natural Baits

Not only do beams go after natural baits, using artificial or synthetic baits can also make these fish to latch on the bait. Spoons, jigs, spinners and small lifelike plastic lures are very effective to entice the beam and get it to run after the bait. Fly fishermen normally use ultra-light lines with popping bugs or other types of wet or dry flies to make a good fishing outing. You can also make use of dough baits if these are available. Make sure the bait is small enough to enter into the beams mouth when setting your bait on the hook.

Other Baits…

For many anglers, the bait remains their most prized possession and every angler has specific bait that they hold dear. While some will not go near a fishing pond without the corn niblets, others will swear on how effective the tiny wadded white bread is for them. Some even will recommend tiny pieces of raw chicken breast and so forth. The point is that when beam are hungry, they are not choosy about the food presented to them even if it is a made with cheese.

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