Six Most Popular Fishing Baits For Hard-core Fisherman

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If you are looking for the best baits to catch fish at any day, here are six popular baits that anglers cant do without. These five baits are the most used by anglers.  Anglers uses baits to lure fish into biting the hook. This is why its important to know what sort of bait to use. Also note that all baits are not made equal. Even when there are different varieties of baits in the bait shop. When choosing a bait for fishing, its important to also consider many other factors. Like the type of fish you want, the sort of baits that is predominant in and also the laws that governs your local fishing. This is to determine which type of bait is safe to use in the area.

Worm Baits for Fishing

nightcrawler bait

Worm baits are one of the most used lure by anglers to catch fish and there is a whole lots of reason for it. They are quite inexpensive and there are many of them available. By using a flashlight, you can uncover earthworms and night crawlers. This is just by digging the earth at night. You can also get red wrigglers and manure worms in compost bins or just by looking in a pasture.
Also, you can use worms to catch different varieties of fish when attached on a hook, which makes it one of the favorite lures by anglers. To catch walleye or bass, earthworms or night crawlers are most preferred. And for catching sunfish and trout, red wriggler and manure worms are most preferred.
When fishing with worms its good to use a tiny piece of worm on the hook. Else if the worm is big or too long, the fish will only eat just part of it and will not eat the part where the hook is.

Dough Ball Baits for Fishing

double ball bait


Dough ball is also common bait used by anglers when going fishing. These are the combinations of animal prepared together to make a lure. You can get these balls in fish stores or you can make some for yourself. To make an enticing  ball that will catch a fish attention, find your best baits (as few as you can combine). And use flour, molasses, cereal and water to stick them together. This will make good dough anytime. However, if you buy from fish stores, you only get specific animal combo geared to a particular fish.


leeches for bait

Leeches is another good lure for baiting walleye or pike. However, unlike worms which are easily accessible by digging the earth, you will need to go to a bait shop to purchase leeches and you can use it for a long time if its well refrigerated. One thing that attract leech to fish is the way a leech swim and wriggle when moving in water. Therefore its good not to move a leech too fast in the water than they normally will swim.


live minnows fo walleye

You can find these baby fish also called minnows in fishing stores as good bait if you know how to use them correctly. If you feel like catching these minnows yourself, you can use a net but you should first check with the local authority if this is legal in water you are fishing. Like leeches, minnows also attract bigger fish because of the way they swim. This is why experts recommend the use of care when using them as lures so you dont break their spinal cord and paralyze them when passing a hook through them.


crab bait

Another creature anglers uses for bait apart from sea creatures are insects. If you reside in areas where there are lots of insects, its better to collect them yourself and save money. You can use the nets on grasshoppers, beetles and caterpillars. If you want to scoop lots of these ants, follow a trail of few of them and you will locate where the whole are located. If you are fishing for trout or sunfish, ants, Including grasshoppers, beetles and caterpillars are part of their favorite meal and they will bite on it if placed on a hook.

Freshwater Clams and Mussels Bait for Fishing

clams and mussel bait

Clams and Mussel will do very well for baits if you live in areas where they are in large quantities. They are an absolute delight for fish when use as baits. You can source clams and mussels when you are fishing in waters that are not deep and open them up when you are using them for fishing. When they are correctly prepared – open them up and dry them in the sun to make them good baits, this way they are a bit sturdy and make them stay on the hook.

We hope you enjoy this post? When next you are fishing, remember that the best baits for fishing will actually depend on what type of fish you want to catch. If you are planning to catch a trophy trout, your bait choice will be different from say someone who want to catch a 100lb catfish. If you have any comment please leave below and we will be glad to answer.

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